Blackout Coffee Co.


Blackout Coffee Co. is a prominent online coffee roastery celebrated for its high-quality specialty coffee, deeply rooted in traditional American values and supportive of the military, first responders, and hardworking Americans nationwide.

Collaborating with TAS Digital, Blackout Coffee Co. realized remarkable success, solely through targeted email, SMS, and push notification strategies. This focused digital marketing approach yielded over $4 million in sales within a 12-month period, demonstrating the significant impact and effectiveness of these carefully crafted campaigns in driving revenue and enhancing customer engagement.


Attributed Revenue


Email/SMS/Push Revenue



The meticulous and strategic work of TAS Digital in segmentation, analysis, and optimization has led to exceptional results. This focused approach enabled the achievement of a record-breaking revenue milestone for a single campaign, garnering $47,000 USD. Additionally, one of our carefully crafted promotional strategies proved remarkably successful, generating approximately $200,000 USD in revenue. These achievements underscore the effectiveness of TAS Digital’s long-term commitment to precision and excellence in marketing strategies.


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